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Saturday, March 18 2017


Bought a counterfeit B6 by accident and heard horror stories with Li-ion batteries. Anyway, came across this while looking at a Tenergy B6 look alike. Plus apparently, it has a foam cutter mode and great reviews.

Tuesday, March 14 2017

Professionalism in UAV Naming

Monday, March 13 2017

Toolbox Porn

Tuesday, February 28 2017

Trucking Stuff

Didn't know these existed:

Wednesday, February 22 2017

Oroville Dam Issues

Wonder if they could jury rig some rubber dredge hoses to bypass the wash-out.

"Hoses can be supplied in bore diameters from 150 mm (6”) up to 1100 mm (44”), or larger on request Available in lengths up to 11.8 m"


Monday, February 20 2017

Superpowers Gets One Step Closer

Frank Ippolito Recommends

Saw this on Tested.

Tuesday, February 14 2017

Kewl Dashboard

Monday, January 30 2017

Natural Gas Storage

I remember seeing these when visiting the Bay Area. Now I know what they were for.

H/T to Tom Scott

Tuesday, January 24 2017

Great Lantern, Great Price

You can find this under several names, but be sure to get the frosted one. I got two and even on AA's, they are bright enough to work by. Also they can operate off a pair of 18650's. The blue or red Suboos ones lack magnets on the bottom. Also since they turn on when expanded, the internal friction is barely enough to keep it closed when hanging, so be sure it clicks when shut.

Using a PC as Power Supply

Wanted to use standard Molex connectors to power various things around my PC, but for $8 I'll just drill holes and use aviation plugs. Also the review at Monoprice wasn't that great.



Thursday, January 19 2017

HTML5 on Hulu Free

Now it supports HTML5, so speed-ups work. Great for old shows I just want to get thru. Also on Netflix in Chrome too.

Wednesday, January 18 2017

Edible Pilot Bearing Puller

Monday, January 9 2017

Digital Price Display

Saw these at Whole Foods and thought they were cool. If they reach $10/piece on Ebay, I'm sticking them everything in the house and putting reminders on them.

Tuesday, January 3 2017

The Facebook

About 3:30 into the video, he talks about the problems with The Facebook. Basically, they block most of them unless you pay.

Monday, January 2 2017

Low Light Photography

A cooled version of a stock camera, not something I need to hear about.

Monday, December 26 2016

Reusing Computer Power Cables

I hate cutting high quality cables, even outdated USB-A/B. I have the same problem with power cables too until I noticed that some don't have strain relief on both ends, so they are the first to go.

Saturday, December 24 2016

How not to Tackle a Gas Fire

5eBoard = Hobbyblox


Wish I could buy out and manufacture now with the hobbyist craze:

Tuesday, December 20 2016


Turns out they will barely work with only the signal cable and maybe the power barely plugged in. Oh well, wanted a new DVD drive anyway.

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