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Sunday, August 13 2017

Wooden Blocks for a Vice

I never thought of embedding magnets into a wooden block so they'd stay put in a vice.

Friday, August 11 2017

Everything You Didn't Want to Know About Airline Scheduling


Thursday, August 10 2017

Stabilizing a Raft

I wish I'd thought of that as a kid, but I don't think the cheap raft I had would handle the weight.

Wednesday, August 9 2017

Third Ghostbusters Movie?

I was always curious why they didn't, apparently Bill Murray was the hold out.

H/T to:

Tuesday, August 8 2017

Scrooge McDuck Tax

Yes it is from 2014, but still interesting.

H/T Film Theorist

Monday, August 7 2017

Old Portable Military Computers

Friday, August 4 2017

Level 2 Versus Level 3 Holster

Never understood the appeal of plastic holsters and this explains the extra features.

Wednesday, August 2 2017

Awesome Handheld Printer

Monday, July 31 2017

$20 3d Printer

Either the price goes up or their is a weird catch.

Sunday, July 30 2017

Gun Shopping

I love the TSA blog to see what weapons and inerts are popular. There is a flash bang grenade that holds hot sauce I want to buy.

Friday, July 28 2017

Minimum Meteor Size 25 Meters

For it to hit earth.

Tuesday, July 25 2017

Midichloria Now Published Fact


Friday, July 21 2017

Knife Trainer

This would be fun with my brothers. Practice stabbing each other.

Thursday, July 20 2017

I Want One

DIY Mini-dozer

Wednesday, July 19 2017

Bill Duran (Punished Props) 3d Gun

In the past he said there isn't enough detail. Also he sands the Apparently, an expensive printer really helps.

Tuesday, July 18 2017

$99 Ghost Hunter Starter Kit

Those Picturesque Huts in Lagoons


Monday, July 17 2017

Old Barcodes to Calibrate Spy Cameras

Friday, July 14 2017

Google Glass Wannabe

Yes, I know it is only a camera, but looks enough like a Glass for nerd cred.

New Oil Extraction

Looks promising even if you double the costs as one should with unproven tech.

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