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Thursday, June 29 2017

CC on Youtube

I didn't know you could access it programmatically. Now I have to get that data for videos I like.

Wednesday, June 28 2017

Real Pretty to Google Images

Tuesday, June 27 2017

Linux Hacking Distro

Monday, June 26 2017

Jeopardy BHS

Sunday, June 25 2017

Knock Off Legos

Not the fancy stuff though, but at 25% the cost.

Saturday, June 24 2017

Fly a Jet Trainer for the Price of a Used Car

Thursday, June 22 2017

Cat Pee

After doing it the right way with no luck, that is thoroughly wash and enzymatic cleaner, I accidentally found something a little better. I soaked it in dilute vinegar and hand washed in Dawn.

Wednesday, June 21 2017

TP Pills

Basically, instant wet wipes. Might be good for the car.

Tuesday, June 20 2017

Lego House

A carpenter objected to this on Reddit, but they failed to realize substituting more expensive materials for cheaper labor may make sense.

Monday, June 19 2017

Kewl Table

Sunday, June 18 2017

Bad Guy Chair

Saturday, June 17 2017

New Teletubbies

They've moved inside and finally use green/blue screen. I have to admit, that was really brave to shoot outside in England.

New Teletubbies

Thursday, June 15 2017

Fixed Roulette Table

Monday, June 12 2017

Mosquito Helicopter $40k

Sunday, June 11 2017

Making a $175 Nixie Tube

At this time they are swamped.

Saturday, June 10 2017

Gravity Motor

Saw this around the web awhile ago, never knew where they were getting the pictures. Anyway, found the site and they actually claim it to be an gravity motor, not some other type of machinery. Of course, like all "free" energy stuff more details are lacking.

Wednesday, June 7 2017

Cheap Ram

Tuesday, June 6 2017

Expensive Gadget I'd Consider

Of course, it'd be used to infuse peppers into oil only.

Monday, June 5 2017

For the Paranoid


Looks like my hosting company disables your website when your credit card expires, even though you are paid up for many months. An email would've been nice. I was trying to debug code that worked to figure out what happened.

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