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Saturday, March 28 2015

Ancient Rock Throwing Software

I have to call it ARTS as opposed to the real name, so I don't get sued. I'm helping out another group on my team with an interface to their new software. The following things are driving me nuts:

0 imports as null No int's, just numbers where you specify digits and decimals. SOAP was included for marketing purposes, not production. When using SOAP, it brings the server to its knees, no matter how small the query. They recommend the API because it is faster, but it is poorly documented. Spent hours trying to figure out why the field name wasn't working. Turns out the wanted the internal field name. Failing silently sucks!!! Read only fields. Maybe a PROM really. I guess they never heard that people change their names. Can't launch forms from a list view at the bottom. Every validated field pop-up has to return a valid value or you have to hit close 12 times.

Friday, March 27 2015

Law and Order:SVU & Criminal Minds

I gave up on SVU long ago, because of their insistence on current political events. Now it looks like Criminal Minds has gone the same way. CM had some seriously messed-up episodes that even got to me, but no more.

Thursday, March 26 2015

Rolex Serial #'s are Hidden

You have to remove the band to find it.

Million Dollar Puzzle

Monday, March 23 2015

Make Your Own Animated Movies

Renderman for Free

555 Timer Prototype

Thought it was interesting the prototype is dated 1971

If dealing with DIP's is too much for you, then this discrete model is your thing:

Sunday, March 22 2015

SDR Motivation Now

Wonderful, now I have a reason to buy one and attach it to my car Pi.


Probably Upgrade to a touchscreen too(yes, china is cheaper but don't trust them at this price):

FM Radio Directional Beacon Using Commercial Radio Stations

Wonder if these were arranged 60 degrees apart on a plane, if they could plot relative position within a house. If the robot deviates too much then the radio of the strength between the antennas would indicate it moved. Don't know if it would be any better than a cheap gyroscope.

Directional? But definitely Small:

Strength by Freq:

Monday, March 16 2015

DSL & Cable Modem

I wanted to try out DSL and they said it was free for a month, so I said what the hell. Except I didn't realize Comcast had us at 58Mbps and 6Mbps up. On 20Mbps DSL, I got 16.25Mbps and 0.84Mbps. But if I ever were to make money at home, I'd buy it as a back-up. Looks like they have home load balancers for $50 to merge the two. The review of the load balancer, explains the MAC cloning thing. Some ISP's throttle you when a router is detected.

Monday, March 9 2015

American Greed

The 2nd story is awesome. That is all you ever wanted to know about stealing from the well off persons.


Got a flashback for Christmas and the wireless stick isn't that responsive. Turns out it uses a standard DB9 and the wiring info is online.

My dream joytstick:

Settled for one of these:

Button(got lots of microswitches):

Possible Enclosure




5 Volt Power Supply

Wrong search term since it brings back $1 constant current supplies. Instead search for USB charger and that returns $1 power supplies.

LED Bulbs

Looking at cheap bulbs on Ebay. Already bought a few just to understand how well they light. Obviously, a brand like Viribright, Halco, or TorchStar looks reasonable. I was curious if some of the non-branded ones that appear to have certifications had the good stuff inside, but if you look closer that doesn't appear to be the case. Some blog recently posted pictures of an infamous sticker store in China that sells any certification sticker you would want.

Dangerous Bulb:

Good Bulb:

Unbranded with inside view:

UL Discussion:

~$10 S&H on orders

Monday, March 2 2015

PBS Nature Error Cannot Load MEU8: 404 Not Found

I've been trying to play these old Nature videos forever. Got one to work on Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit with Firefox 35 finally!!!

Sunday, March 1 2015

Metal Gooseneck Tubing

They are awesome, but expensive. Plastic Nozzle Oil Water Flexible Coolant Pipe Hose can be had from Ebay for $1.50, while actual metal goosenecks go for $7 that posses any quality.

Wednesday, February 25 2015


I like the kid in Allegiance and the statistician in Resurrection, but since both don't center around the most interesting character, I'm dropping both series.


Wife figured out that turning up the heat full blast before putting it in, seems to help speed along the cooking process. Of course, bumping it back down to 225 afterwards to melt the gristle.

Monday, February 23 2015

Pulse Audio RTP Works!!!!

Been trying off and on to get the damn thing to work. Anyway, just use the RTP mode. Enable on the first tab, make discoverable and on the RTP tab enable the second radio button for sender and local speakers. Then on the receivers enable make discoverable, may not be necessary and on the RTP tab the first radio button. I got this to work with an Ubuntu 12.04 and an Antix, had to install pulse, receiver in the kitchen on an ancient box that lacks PAE. Might try Rygel next to see if that DLNA part works and try to pick-up a cheap DVD player with DLNA support for the bedroom. Also might try those A+ Pi's sometime for this.


Friday, February 20 2015

Awesome Star Wars Pictures

Monday, February 16 2015


Keep seeing these on various cooking shows, so I thought I'd look it up. Basically, big eggs = expensive.

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