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Sunday, March 1 2015

Metal Gooseneck Tubing

Is awesome, but expensive. Plastic Nozzle Oil Water Flexible Coolant Pipe Hose can be had from Ebay for $1.50, while actual metal goosenecks go for $7 that posses any quality.

Wednesday, February 25 2015


I like the kid in Allegiance and the statistician in Resurrection, but since both don't center around the most interesting character, I'm dropping both series.


Wife figured out that turning up the heat full blast before putting it in, seems to help speed along the cooking process. Of course, bumping it back down to 225 afterwards to melt the gristle.

Monday, February 23 2015

Pulse Audio RTP Works!!!!

Been trying off and on to get the damn thing to work. Anyway, just use the RTP mode. Enable on the first tab, make discoverable and on the RTP tab enable the second radio button for sender and local speakers. Then on the receivers enable make discoverable, may not be necessary and on the RTP tab the first radio button. I got this to work with an Ubuntu 12.04 and an Antix, had to install pulse, receiver in the kitchen on an ancient box that lacks PAE. Might try Rygel next to see if that DLNA part works and try to pick-up a cheap DVD player with DLNA support for the bedroom. Also might try those A+ Pi's sometime for this.


Friday, February 20 2015

Awesome Star Wars Pictures

Monday, February 16 2015


Keep seeing these on various cooking shows, so I thought I'd look it up. Basically, big eggs = expensive.

Toner Transfer PCB

I did the first step here with ironing toner from a slide onto the board, but the second step is clever appears to help fill in the traces. ALWAYS DO SOMETHING WITH THE RAW COPPER AFTER IT IS COMPLETE. Either spray varnish or some sort of tinning.

Liquid Tinning:

Sunday, February 15 2015


They've been struggling for years with how to automate textiles. I was wondering myself, if starching the cloth before sewing or mounting the needle on a robot arm would help, but merely inventing machines to keep the cloth straight is the secret. Makes it almost look like woodworking. Sewing was already coming back to the US due to rising Chinese costs. This might help with the wages, since they are related to productivity unless you have specialized skills. The best one from Japan I've seen basically laced up a shirt, can't find the link now.

Cheap Bench Tools

This stuff is so tempting, but the cheap Ebay power supply reminds me of the one at LCC that had to engage a relay at higher voltages. If you got it just right, it would oscillate. The repair techs downstairs had better power supplies with analog readouts and dual supplies that were optically linked to minimize any potential problems. The looked almost exactly like the bottom link.

Digital Read Out:

Analog Read Out:

Lock Pick Tools

Didn't realize you could order this stuff from China. Supposedly, the rule is that if you are caught with this stuff and aren't a locksmith, they can confiscate it. For me, I like anything that looks cool or is a prop, and this definitely counts.

Thursday, February 12 2015

Imitation Fireplaces

I didn't know they made wall mount versions. I was going to buy a floor model someday, but this looks better.


I love this guy's tips and tricks. I never knew there was a special glue just for polyethylene, the stuff that milk jugs are made of. Punished props had a great link to site that tells how to glue various materials. Lastly, a cool, but expensive idea for a UV based glue. They want to redefine bonding, by making it more like welding.

H/T Punished Props:

Cool Idea:


I'm blown away they can make a 1911 knockoff from a hut in the jungle. I always thought it required a certain amount of equipment for semi-autos. Kind of tops the video of someone making rifles in a garage.

Wednesday, February 11 2015

Cheapest 3d Printer

The Peachy is the cheapest kit printer at $100, but it uses water and a sound controlled laser. Ben Heck pointed out that kits are the way to go since the seller gets quantity discount that can be had for $350 on Ebay. But the best deal I've seen is a Da Vinci for assembled printers, aside from having to reset the spools. I'm still hopeful that the HP inkjet photo hardening technology will go mainstream someday.


Da Vinci

Filament Reset Tool:



Combo Wifi + Serial <$50

This looks real interesting, the only bad thing I've heard is that it is power hungry. Available dirt cheap on Ebay.

Entry Level Machining Tool

I would never ever send >$5 to mainland China, but this is rather tempting.

Reason to Buy a Lathe Finally

I could never justify one for wood, but for foam canons a definite yes. Also might be a way to get a lip on PVC to make inert smoke grenades. I wish I could afford to just buy the entire catalog of Inert Products, but it looks to be cheaper just to make them yourself. Kind of like Punished Props, it was cheaper for him to make the stuff he wanted.

Awesome site:

Scanner Server

Wanted a scanner server, but then I came across the possibility of using a PI to do the same for much less.

Bad Idea

Came across these while looking for piezo alarms. Anyway, all I see is a very simple trigger for a catapult.

Monday, February 9 2015

Fuel Pressure Regulator

Finally, verified that was failing in the Malibu. The secret is to wait until the rough idle starts and then check for the presence of gas in the vacuum line. Anyway, found a great deal on 24mm tubing wrench.

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