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Saturday, August 1 2015

Metal Detecting

Didn't know that there was a smaller detector for the actual holes, called a pinpointer:

Friday, July 31 2015

NIMH(Rought Draft)

Finally, got burned and I mean literally on el-cheapo batteries from China. I'm never trying to buy the cheapest really, just looking for medium quality. First clue to a bad battery > 2600mAh. Second clue no brand for review tracking. Third clue price < $1/AA battery. Looks like the premium types are Eneloop and Sanyo. Mid range Tenergy and low range Hyper. But Hyper is honest and I have to give them kudos for being so. Anyway, bought some reds off Ebay and after a couple charges with a microprocessor controlled charger, it literally burnt me. The rating was 3000mAh and my wonderful Lacrosse said 50mAh plus free hand warming. Never had a battery do that and I'll try to never let that happen again.

Saturday, July 18 2015


Always wondered how led faucets worked, apparently they are powered by the flowing water:

Great post on durability:

Says these faucets are awesome:

Hate those 3AAA LED Lights

This GRUS 3W Mini CREE LED that takes a single AA, actually works. I'm going to probably order a dozen over time and scatter them around my house.

Also 6000Lm CREE XM-L T6 LED Bicycle Headlamps 18650 Headlight Torch Rechargeable look interesting, but cheaper to buy in pieces rather than together like this:

Also tempting for my bike:

Distros for Old Systems

Got to reinstall, since I couldn't get Trisquel to work after an update.

Friday, July 17 2015

MASH Style Helicopters for Cheap

Of course, when talking about aircraft cheap is relative. But at $160k, I'd seriously consider the one if I was in that market.

Thursday, July 16 2015

Testing LED Modules for Quality

Monday, July 6 2015


I've had quite the interest in prop making anything Sci-Fi or fantasy. Anyway, watching the K-9 series on Hulu and wondered about using EVA foam over an some wooden skeleton would work. Basically, without the proper tools, wood makes great flat surfaces. EVA or pink insulation foam is easy to work with and make curved surfaces. But alas until the reason behind my debilitating GERD is investigated, I can't do anything.

Sunday, June 21 2015

10 Things to do After Upgrading Ubuntu 14.04

Saturday, June 20 2015

Storage VPS

Just found out these exist. If I can couple a back-up with a simple web server, I might switch.

Tuesday, June 16 2015

Lawn Mower Deck Wash

Saw it built-in to one the other day and it turns out there is a kit. Got rather interested when we finally cleaned our mower deck and the it disintegrated.

Monday, June 15 2015


The XYZprinting daVinci 1.0 3D Printer at is going for $350 and $280 for DIY at Ebay. If I could actually do something, I'd buy one.

Sunday, June 14 2015

Insomnia Thought

With all the talk of drought in California and the economic problems with standard desalination, I was curious about using a centrifuge to help with the process of RO desalination. I know they use them to purify uranium, so I wonder if the same process might work for water. The additional neutrons should make sodium heavier. Found stuff close, but not quite.

Anti-Static Brush

Didn't know such a thing exists, but I definitely need a couple:

Saturday, June 13 2015

Youtube API

Years ago I found out about the offset parameter and that allowed me to download links for all the videos. This was a blessing because playlists sucks and you can seem to find all the videos in a channel. The funny thing I find is that a key is required so Google can monitor your traffic and this is coming from the same company that complained about NSA spying. Yes, I realize it is their servers and they can set the conditions for using their property.

Someday I Might Try These

The reviews on other sites seem to be good too.

Thursday, June 11 2015

Crisp Paint Lines

H/T Instapundit

Wednesday, June 10 2015

Great History of Codes

Tuesday, June 9 2015

Laugh At Our Future Robot Overlords

Good Discussion on Tubing Tape

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