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Tuesday, April 26 2016


Accidentally discovered this, thank god for cheap wasabi powder.

Monday, April 18 2016

Fresh Prine on Redbox

Thursday, April 14 2016

Powers on Crackle

Surprisingly, good although there are only 18 days left before it expires.

Tuesday, April 5 2016

Hacker Films From Norton

Monday, April 4 2016

Cookie Monster Siri

Muppet Version of Time in a Bottle

Sunday, April 3 2016

Ripping Yarns

A long time ago, I got a disk with this and a formatting utility on it for the C64. I ran the music demo and then proceeded to run the formatter by a sys 49152

Saturday, April 2 2016


Finally, remembered the cathedral that was falling apart. The Amien Cathedral plans maximized the height and so things didn't align right. They eventually had to chain the top floor together.

Wednesday, March 30 2016

Sounds Dangerous


Tuesday, March 29 2016

great troubleshooting video

Monday, March 28 2016

Please Work!!!!!!

We need a good storage tech that actually pans out. There have been numerous high volume storage mediums that have flashed in the news, so I'm not optimistic.

Sunday, March 27 2016

Scary Versions of the Vader Helmet

Saturday, March 26 2016

HULU & Chrome

Now Netflix and Hulu run again under Google Chrome on Linux(Version 44.0.2403.155 (64-bit)). I like to have Chrome for multimedia and Firefox with Flash disabled.

Friday, March 25 2016

Low Cost Broker

Came across this at while research Python for finance. Unfortunately, it appears to require a $10k balance.

Thursday, March 24 2016

Washington Dam

When I visited, I think the older dams on the Columbia and they had a weird raised drain that they complained about having push water into daily. Just dawned on me if they could use a cloth siphon to make their job easier.

Wednesday, March 23 2016

UFO Sightings Down

Remember hearing that sightings are down due to increased technology. I feel that UFO hysteria has done tremendous damage to observing atmospheric phenomena. Anyway, the bottom link explains it the most humorously.


Real Reason:

Tuesday, March 22 2016

Awesome Woodstove

Monday, March 21 2016

NSFW Ladies Undergarments

Learned something new off Reddit. Apparently, green isn't the only color that glows.

More practical:

Sunday, March 20 2016

Travel Pouch

Want one of these:

But will get something like this off ebay:

Saturday, March 19 2016

Kewl Paramedic Toolz

Watched a Netflix movie about 2 paramedics forced to work on a killer and I liked some of the items they had.

Kewl Kutter:

Neat Tourniquet:

Friday, March 18 2016

They Exist Still

Remembered these guys as a kid and heard it mentioned on Nurse Jackie.

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