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Saturday, April 25 2015

Julienne Peeler

Been curious how people do this type of thing, turns out there is a tool for it.

Tuesday, April 21 2015


When they say 20% accuracy, they mean it. I had assumed a bell curve, yet it never varied. So as near as I can figure when it is 100, that means 80 and explains difficulty breathing and falling asleep midday. Also I suspect a cortisol withdrawal as explaining my problems in light of this new info. Lastly, blood pressure appears to bounce around for about 2 weeks after the stressor is removed.

Monday, April 20 2015

Best JQuery Site

Friday, April 17 2015


Had a weird thing happen on Saturday. I ate something and actually got energy. Narrowed the pool of suspects to mushrooms, broccoli and pork. Problem is, that I'm under such medical scrutiny that I won't be able to determine the real problem for awhile. Doctor threatens to put me on blood pressure meds at the drop of a hat and the diabetes nurse noticed that I was prescribed another sugar lowering med, not that I need it now. So withdrawal from the problem causes blood pressure to go up and sugar to go down. Reintroduction causes blood sugar to go up. So in November I must've switched vegetable blends briefly when I excluded eggs, to become energetic. Then the doctor put me on stomach curdling meds and I was unable to notice anything for 4 months. Anyway, the current list of verboten foods is: gluten, eggs, broccoli(?), mushrooms(?) and pork(?) until further notice.


Drive Failure

How do I say this nicely. This seems to confirm the anecdotal evidence.

Sunday, April 12 2015

Grain Rescue

Watching this on Hulu about a rescue. The kid was wearing a mask with a built in battery powered filtration system that appears to have saved his life. Only thing different I'd have done, is wear a harness instead of a rope and maybe a lanyard. Lastly, I wonder if the quicksand maneuver would have prevented this. He said it was like quicksand, when he freed the shelf of rotten corn.



The Mask:

Cheap Harness:


Ultimate Lanyard [1]:

Quicksand: [



Tuesday, April 7 2015

Netflix Sucks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My wife loves it, but I can't stand it. It is so rare that she will watch a movie to completion. BBC stuff seems to be delayed longer and longer, but crap shows like MASH aren't with more seasons just added. I'd cancel now that I finally find out you can't get access to the API.

Monday, April 6 2015

Addiction to Crime Documentaries

That's not the worst part. My Google searches get a bit odd while I'm looking up the case they are talking about. They go from pipe bombs to Quaaludes. Hopefully, the ATF and the FDA don't show-up on my doorstep tomorrow.

Tuesday, March 31 2015

Alternative to Silk Screen

Just use bleach and templates.


It came with limited compartments for small items, so I bought one of these for extra space. It works pretty well, just wish the holes were smaller.


I love the tracking equipment for illegal broadcasts in the USSR.

Home page:

Supersonic Flight Might be Again

Looks like NASA is working on a way to channel the sonic boom upwards.

Crane Stuff

Crane as counterbalance

Crane lifting crane lifting crane lifting crane

Thorium Car Debunked

Basically, the laser required to make this happen would need all that power. It was a concept car not grounded in reality.

Monday, March 30 2015

Killer Keyboards

Infamous Optimus LCD key keyboard:

IBM Model M reborn:

The ultimade coding keyboard:

CODE keyboard made by these guys:

Key Puller Tool from CODE Keyboard:

New Bio Tech

It looks like CRISPR allows search and replace in situ. I hate life science, since the tools suck as far as speed. Hopefully, this allows gene therapy to work finally. Problem, is you can get a cure or cancer, depending on where an inserted gene ends-up.

Saturday, March 28 2015

Ancient Rock Throwing Software

I have to call it ARTS as opposed to the real name, so I don't get sued. I'm helping out another group on my team with an interface to their new software. The following things are driving me nuts:

0 imports as null. Unless you need to do arithmetic operations, import #'s as characters to make it happy. No int's, just numbers where you specify digits and decimals. SOAP was included for marketing purposes, not production. When using SOAP, it brings the server to its knees, no matter how small the query. They recommend the API because it is faster, but it is poorly documented. Spent hours trying to figure out why the field name wasn't working. Turns out the wanted the internal field name. Failing silently sucks!!! Read only fields. Maybe a PROM really. I guess they never heard that people change their names. Can't launch forms from a list view at the bottom. Every validated field pop-up has to return a valid value or you have to hit close 12 times.

Friday, March 27 2015

Law and Order:SVU & Criminal Minds

I gave up on SVU long ago, because of their insistence on current political events. Now it looks like Criminal Minds has gone the same way. CM had some seriously messed-up episodes that even got to me, but no more.

Thursday, March 26 2015

Rolex Serial #'s are Hidden

You have to remove the band to find it.

Million Dollar Puzzle

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