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Thursday, January 19 2017

HTML5 on Hulu Free

Now it supports HTML5, so speed-ups work. Great for old shows I just want to get thru. Also on Netflix in Chrome too.

Wednesday, January 18 2017

Edible Pilot Bearing Puller

Monday, January 9 2017

Digital Price Display

Saw these at Whole Foods and thought they were cool. If they reach $10/piece on Ebay, I'm sticking them everything in the house and putting reminders on them.

Tuesday, January 3 2017

The Facebook

About 3:30 into the video, he talks about the problems with The Facebook. Basically, they block most of them unless you pay.

Monday, January 2 2017

Low Light Photography

A cooled version of a stock camera, not something I need to hear about.

Monday, December 26 2016

Reusing Computer Power Cables

I hate cutting high quality cables, even outdated USB-A/B. I have the same problem with power cables too until I noticed that some don't have strain relief on both ends, so they are the first to go.

Saturday, December 24 2016

How not to Tackle a Gas Fire

5eBoard = Hobbyblox


Wish I could buy out and manufacture now with the hobbyist craze:

Tuesday, December 20 2016


Turns out they will barely work with only the signal cable and maybe the power barely plugged in. Oh well, wanted a new DVD drive anyway.

Thursday, December 15 2016

Freezing Rain

And it looks awesome, aside from driving hazards. But I left my camera in the car and it is too cold to work right now. Argh!!!

Wednesday, December 14 2016

Tip Protection

I like squeeze bottles to hold water for soldering and such, but the tips get lost so easily.

My wife had this brilliant solution, to use knitting tip protectors.

Monday, December 12 2016

Tire Pressure

I thought the tire people were over inflating compared to the car manufacturers recommendation. Turns out if I follow that, the wear is uneven. I'm inflating to whatever is stamped on the freakin' tire from now on.

Saturday, December 10 2016

Computers on Sets

Thursday, December 8 2016

Defogging Windscreen

I've heard people recommend turning on the AC to remote moisture from the interior of the windscreen, but realized it also adds a load to the engine so it will warm-up faster. Tried it tonight in 29F weather and it seemed to work well.

Saturday, December 3 2016

NetFlix Movie

I totally recommend it. It has several story lines that converge with some gore and humor.

Friday, December 2 2016

Roku Express

Ours starting hanging at 25% when starting a Netflix show. After much mucking around, if we update network connection and then do a system restart, that seems to resolve it. Going to readd Netflix back when I get time to see if that is a more permanent solution. Also love the device, when it works.

Monday, November 28 2016


Noticed a lot of what I thought were ruins, turns out that people haven't quite mastered the concept of maintenance.

Sunday, November 27 2016

Marvel at Dubailand?

Randomly googling and came across this:

Friday, November 25 2016

Caulk Preservation

Wednesday, November 23 2016

Transfer Punches

They allow you to actually find the center of a hole you are trying to dry through a template. Never knew it existed and now I want one.

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