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Friday, February 12 2016


Want to buy something like this to light the living room after dark.

Most are a variant of this style:

Thursday, February 11 2016

Great Discussion on Adhesives

I will probably buy some Gorilla tape since the 3M stuff appears to be counterfeited too much.

Wednesday, February 10 2016

How to Appear Productive at Work

Play a game in Excel

Tuesday, February 9 2016


My cat helped me discover that weight on my chest alleviates my SOB. I verified it with 20lbs of dumbbell weights. I can run uphill, but struggle to walk downhill or on level surfaces. This was first noticed 20 years ago, but I thought nothing of it. Same for stairs too. My doctor still says that it is due to being fat. Anyway, my doctor is reluctantly is sending me to a pulmonologist. Also discovered any pressure on my spleen energizes me to the point I can do jumping jacks. It appears that anything that increases pressure on that side helps like raising my left leg. Don't know what combination of elevating my leg and ibuprofen, but I pissed out 6lbs of water in a morning. I've had problems with all of sudden going for 2 hours straight over the years and I guess it correlates to whatever the problem is.

Monday, February 8 2016

Weird, but useful AC adapter

I love watching Big Clive trash cheap electronics and he uses this on virtually every episode. It's not cheap at $60 and it has the wrong plug for US use.

Sunday, February 7 2016

Million Dollar Idea

120 volt Edison male screw to female 5 volt USB power. That way you could plug low voltage USB leds into existing light sockets. I've seen, but couldn't find Edison to 2 prong plug.

Edison Screw:

Saturday, February 6 2016

DMX Light Disassembly

Always wanted to know what was in one and Big Clive doesn't let you down.

25 Watt version of above unit.

Friday, February 5 2016

Great Video on GFI's

Thursday, February 4 2016

3d Print R2D2

Wednesday, February 3 2016

Worse Than Leap Year Birthdays

Planet X birthdays, once every 15E3 years.

Tuesday, February 2 2016

Lumber & SUV's

Monday, February 1 2016


Sunday, January 31 2016

Stormtrooper Kits

Saw this on tested. You literally get a box of formed plastic sheets right off the mold and then you get to trim everything. You save quite a bit instead of $1900, you only pay $700 which is a bargain.

Part 1:

Part 2:


Saturday, January 30 2016

Slashdot Sold

I wonder if they will focus more on tech now and not DC.

Thursday, January 28 2016

"New" Deloreans for $100k

Or $12K for a used one:

Wednesday, January 27 2016

Opposing Cylinder Engines

Looks more promising than the Mighty Engine:

Tuesday, January 26 2016

Off Grid Living

I didn't realize they finally had DC freezers. Used to be your only solution was a propane powered one. Despite my complaining, there is a role for solar when it makes sense completely on its own like living in the boon docks.



Monday, January 25 2016


Not the George Clooney movie, but the music festival. I really like the show, but can't stand the music. So I'm watching it on Netflix in 5 minutes pieces.

Sunday, January 24 2016

Good Linux Commands

Saturday, January 23 2016

Springtucky Reality Show

Was looking for junkyards in the neighboring suburb of Springtucky and found this:

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