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Saturday, August 29 2015

Cheap Headset

Got this because it was on sale and it works just fine with my Samsung Denim:

Friday, August 28 2015

Proof of the Shrinking Dollar

Thursday, August 27 2015

Automotive Delay Off Circuit

Was going to use 3 of these to detect the state of the engine 13.5 volts on and 12 volts off:

But came across this:

Wednesday, August 26 2015

Another Reason for Me not to be Rich

Tuesday, August 25 2015

Used Semi Cheaper than a New Work Truck

Monday, August 24 2015

Cheaper Pi?

Hopefully, they actually ship at somewhere near that price:

Sunday, August 23 2015

Cheap Doppler Radar On Ebay

Cheap Radar Module:


Wednesday, August 19 2015

Forget Embroidery Machines

Just make a template and paint it on:

Netflix & Links

Netflix doesn't want anyone linking to it apparently and scrapping could get your account cancelled. I wouldn't care, but Maj would. Anyway, forgot about imdb and the api that exists. I could load up everything in an RSS feed and use it as a reminder to view on Netdork.

Lasers Too Cheap

Tried to figure out my mom's Cricut and gave-up. I think I want this instead:


Tuesday, August 18 2015

Pixel Insanity

Audio Info and Great Introductory Mic

The review explains a lot of the processing that you hear for radio audio:

Tuesday, August 11 2015

Deep Therapy Portable Pools

Wow, didn't know these exist. Definitely on my wish list. Could tread water nicely.

Monday, August 10 2015

Awesome Flir for Iphone



Saturday, August 1 2015

Metal Detecting

Didn't know that there was a smaller detector for the actual holes, called a pinpointer:

Friday, July 31 2015

NIMH(Rought Draft)

Finally, got burned and I mean literally on el-cheapo batteries from China. I'm never trying to buy the cheapest really, just looking for medium quality. First clue to a bad battery > 2600mAh. Second clue no brand for review tracking. Third clue price < $1/AA battery. Looks like the premium types are Eneloop and Sanyo. Mid range Tenergy and low range Hyper. But Hyper is honest and I have to give them kudos for being so. Anyway, bought some reds off Ebay and after a couple charges with a microprocessor controlled charger, it literally burnt me. The rating was 3000mAh and my wonderful Lacrosse said 50mAh plus free hand warming. Never had a battery do that and I'll try to never let that happen again.

Saturday, July 18 2015


Always wondered how led faucets worked, apparently they are powered by the flowing water:

Great post on durability:

Says these faucets are awesome:

Hate those 3AAA LED Lights

This GRUS 3W Mini CREE LED that takes a single AA, actually works. I'm going to probably order a dozen over time and scatter them around my house.

Also 6000Lm CREE XM-L T6 LED Bicycle Headlamps 18650 Headlight Torch Rechargeable look interesting, but cheaper to buy in pieces rather than together like this:

Also tempting for my bike:

Distros for Old Systems

Got to reinstall, since I couldn't get Trisquel to work after an update.

Friday, July 17 2015

MASH Style Helicopters for Cheap

Of course, when talking about aircraft cheap is relative. But at $160k, I'd seriously consider the one if I was in that market.

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